How Do I Update My Payment Info?

  • Click on the Log-in/Sign-up box in the lower right corner. From there you can access your profile and update your billing info, email address, and more!

I have multiple locations, can I stream to all of my locations with one membership?

  • Your streaming membership is covered for one location. We do offer discounts for our clients that have multiple locations. For more information, please email

Does Level Up Music sell songs?

  • The only songs that we sell are songs created for a Custom Song Order and these songs are royalty free. In order to legally stream our mixes, we pay for blanket licenses through third party services. They act as an intermediary between us and the original artists for the song.

Does Level Up Music pay licensing fees for the music that it streams?

  • Yes, we pay licensing fees to multiple organizations in order to stream music mixes.

Do I have to pay licensing fees when I use your music service?

  • While we pay licensing fees, the fees that we pay allow us to stream the music to our clients. Any business that plays music in their space, whether it be from us, a competitor, or even your iPhone is required to pay Performance Rights Licensing to organizations like BMI and ASCAP. More information can be found at