Check out this creative new way for your students to train combos!

As a martial arts instructor, we are always looking for new ways to disguise repetition. Many of you are familiar with different games and drills that help to accomplish this. Well, Level Up Music, has taken this idea to a completely new place with their Level Up Fighting Challenge. 

The Level Up Fighting Challenge is an interactive drill with music that creates a unique experience for your students. It is great for all ages including adults and will help your students to feel like they are fighting a UFC match in the main event. They have designed the drill to not only be extremely fun, but your students will definitely be out of breath by the end of it as well.

They even hired broadcaster, Scott Cole who has worked with ESPN, The NFL Network, and now is the commentator for the National Champion, Clemson Tigers, to give you the play-by-play as your students perform their combos. 

Check out this video, to see Level Up Music's Owner, Adam Kifer describe the drill and show you video of an actual class performing the drill.


ADDED BONUS: Level Up Music is allowing you to download the music for free through the end of the month. The link will expire on January 30th at midnight. Fill out the form below to download your music mix.