Top Songs for Musical Forms: February 2016 Edition

We are really excited for this month’s Top Songs for Musical Forms! Why? Well, the coolest part about this month’s songs is that they are all EXCLUSIVE TO LEVEL UP MUSIC. Our producers and deejays have been in the studio working on some EPIC remixes that will make your form Stand Out in a crowd of music that everyone has heard before. All songs are available for purchase and come with one free edit if you need it to be shortened or lengthened. Check it out!!! Comment below on which remix is your favorite.

Major Lazer ft. Diplo – Lean On (Level Up Music Remix)

We heard the original song and fell in love with the vocals but the song was way to chill for a musical form. Our producer’s turned this song into a high-energy dubstep anthem with an insanely good build-up and a drop that will instantly make you kick, flip, and trick. 


Pokemon Theme (Level Up Music Remix)

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Then this is the song for you.  This remix starts with the very familiar Pokemon Theme with some great hits and cymbal crashes for your walkout and introduction. Towards the end of the original theme, the songs builds up with a strong clap and drops with a crazy unexpected drop that no one saw coming. This will be a crowd pleaser for sure!

Rahizel & Aero Chord – Titans (Level Up Remix)

Dramatic Intro? Check! Epic Build-Up? Check! Fast Pace Drop? Oh Yeah! This exclusive trap remix is ready for a champion. It doesn’t matter what type of form you are performing, this song will fit the bill and instantly Level it Up!


Pegboard Nerd – Heros (Level Up Music Remix)

What makes a good song for a musical form? Check Box 1: Does the intro beat make the audience want to clap as you walk out and present yourself to the judges? Heck YES!!!! Followed by smooth build-up and a sick trapstep drop. With a fast-pace drop, this song is great for musical forms, weapons forms, and team forms. Don’t miss out on this amazing mix!