Top 10 Workout Songs to Start the New Year!


Its a brand new year which of course means it's time to ditch bad habits and get your flex on. Since you are setting new goals, you might as well ditch that old playlist that you have been listening to and get re-motivated and re-ENERGIZED with our Top 10 Workout Songs for 2016! Let the countdown begin!

10. Bombs Away - Ronda Rousey (VIP Edit)

Ronda Rousey dominated every athlete in her sport for all of 2016. So dominate your next workout with a beat that kicks as hard as Ronda Rousey. Just remember that if your next workout is a UFC match against a blonde amazonian kickboxing champion named Holly Holms, it's best to not try and match her punch-for-punch and kick-for-kick. Why not an arm bar Ronda? Why?!?!?!?!?! Even if Ronda didn't end her year on top, this song will still get your workout going strong like a UFC champ.


9. Avicii ft. Zac Brown Band - Broken Arrows

Alright, I know what your thinking. House Music and Country go together like Martial Arts Tournaments and Qualified judges : ). In all seriousness, Avicii is musical mastermind and shows off his producing talents in this song. Add to it some really catchy vocals from Zac Brown Band and you have a great high energy 130bpm workout song. We might be crazy, but this song just works.



8. Future - Last Breath

Future lays some inspiring vocals over one of the most memorable movie themes of all time. "I'll be a fighter to the end, to my last breath. I'm gonna hustle till my last breath". These are lyrics that will help you to push yourself harder during your workout. Future gives us the classic, "I'm better than you", vocals that we hear in hip-hop. This song delivers exactly what you need to hear while you're getting your sweat on. If this song were around 120-130bpm, it would be number one on our list.


7. Angie Rose - Unstoppable

This song gives us goosebumps. Unstoppable starts off with a classic and inspiring Les Brown quote that will get you focused no matter how tired or stressed you are. If you don't know who Les Brown is, stop what you are doing and look him up on YouTube right now. He is one of the great speakers and motivators of all time. Angie Rose goes against the grain of a typical hip-hop song. She makes a great track without any curse words or negativity, this is pure positivity over a great drum beat. You will be playing this on repeat, we guarantee it.


6. Nicky Romero & Stadium X - Harmony

What starts with a slow melody on the piano builds up to an insane and energetic EDM Anthem. Harmony features some big synth sounds and a steady 130bpm beat that is at the perfect pace for whatever workout you are doing. Whether you are in the gym or at a Musical Festival, this song will energize you to get moving. 


5 & 1/2. Ludwig Goransson - You're a Creed

We are so excited for this song to be on our TOP 10 list! We never thought we would ever feature a song by a guy named Ludwig but we just did. Congratulations everybody! First off, let us just say that we know that there are going to be some people drinking haterade for us having this song on here. It is not our typical EDM or hip-hop song and yes we know that the 2nd half of the song is sort of slow and lame (Our beat scientists say that this is due to a guy named Ludwig composing the song). All kidding aside, the first half of this song is perfect for the point in your workout when you need that second wind. It is a modern take on Bill Conti's "Going the Distance" from the original Rocky soundtrack. Many of you 80's and 90's kids might hear it and start inserting Puffy and Biggie vocals as it was sampled in the song "Victory". Check it out, it is definitely a cool take on an older song.


5. Adele - Hello (Marshmello Remix)

This "mystery" deejay (seriously, he wears a giant marshmallow on his head when he is on the decks) had made us love this song even more. We have all been singing this song in the shower for the past two months, right? I know it's not just me. Well, Marshmello has added a sick drop to the song so we can sing it while we work out as well. We love this remix, check it out!



4. Flosstradamus & NGHTMRE - Lighters Up

Holy Bass, Batman! These 2 guys give us an epic Trap beat with some crazy vocal stuttering. "Lighters Up" is a great song to have in the middle of your workout playlist, it will definitely be a great high-energy song that is unlike anything else on your playlist. Flosstradamus & NGHTMRE will have you movin like Richard Simmons in the 80's.   


3. JVST SAY YES & Ephwurd - Switch

This song is FIRE! "Switch" has a nice build-up with some vocal samples from Jermaine Dupri, but the highlight of this song is the epic drop. The drop hits so hard that you may just go full on Super-Sayain during your workout. Turn the volume up and get ready to jam to your new favorite workout song.


2. GTA - Red Lips (Skrillex Remix)

Do we even really need to write anything about this song? Skrillex touched it so it is pure gold! C'mon, he even made Justin Beiber tolerable in 2015. That takes ridiculous talent. Seriously, this song has great vocals and an insanely good build-up that leads to the dirtiest, sickest, baddest, dubstep drop of 2015. Download this song now and thank us later.


1. Hardwell ft. Mr. Probz - Birds Fly (W&W Festival Remix)

Just to give you an idea of how amazing this song is, we had it listed three times on our nominee list for Top Ten songs of the month. This song has extremely smooth and catchy vocals over a dope build-up that leads to a crazy-good drop melody. This song will have you singing while nodding your head back-n-forth. You may even start jumping around at the gym when it comes on, don't worry though, those other people aren't staring at you. This is the must have workout song of the month!

Honorable Mention: Martin Solveig - +1 (Tujamo Remix), ATC - All Around the World (T-Mass Remix), Tiesto - Chemicals, Tiesto & Chainsmokers - Split (Only U), Social Club - No Love

Is there a song that you would like to nominate for next month's list? Do you disagree with one of our choices? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think.