How can I Level Up My School with Level Up Music?

Before we officially launch on September 8th, we want you to tune in to W.I.I.F.M. If you're not familiar with this radio station, it stands for, "What's In It For Me?". So what does Level Up Music do for you? To celebrate being 5 days away from launch, here are 5 different ways that we plan on leveling up your martial arts school.

1. Further Develop Your Brand
Each High-Energy Class Mix that we create for your academy will be branded with your school's name throughout the mix.  Face it, your students love cool, new music and when they hear their favorite songs put together in a seamless mix with your school's name throughout, your school is now that much cooler.

2. Help Your Instructors to Stay on Time with Classes
Remember those professional voice overs that we were just talking about? We strategically place those voice overs throughout the mix so that when the instructor hears, "ABC KARATE" in the mix, they know that it is time to switch to the next section of class. This will help your instructors to run a more efficient class and get through everything as planned.

3. A Completely New Way to Train!
Members of our Monthly Mix Club will also get special loyalty bonuses. Every 6 Months, we will release new Interactive Training Songs. These training songs will have sound fx throughout the song that will help to disguise repetition while helping your students to challenge themselves at the same time. These are great for pad drills, forms combos, or single moves. The different levels will of songs will challenge them with longer combos. Some of themes of these songs will be Turtle Power!, Level Up Fighting Championship, Super Hero Challenge, Dragonball, and more!

4. Encourage Students to Practice Forms More!
One of the coolest services that we provide is that we will create a one-of-a-kind song that is choreographed to the forms that you teach at your school. We have found that this not only gives the  students a new way to practice, but we have found that it increases the students' motivation to practice as well. Now they know that once they get the form down, they will get to practice it with choreographed music that makes them feel like they are in a video game. We can even add sound fx that sounds like they are punching, kicking, and blocking.

5. Take your Demo Team to the Next Level
We have all seen way too many demo teams perform to songs like Kung Fu Fighting, Mortal Kombat, and Sandstorm. Those songs were really cool in 1995 but if you want to bring a new level of excitement to your demos, then have our professionals edit the music for you. Our school's demo team recently performed at the Chicago Fit Expo with music that was edited by the Level Up Team. Like usual we had a lot of compliments on our awesome group of kids, but we had more compliments on the music than ever before. Many audience members commented on how cool the music was and we even had another martial arts team ask us where we found the music mix that our demo team used.