Top 10 Workout Tracks: November 2015

It’s time to get motivated and Level Up your workout. Having the right playlist is essential to a productive workout and these tracks are sure to get you hyped up and keep you pushing yourself throughout your training session.


10. Pegboard Nerds – End is Near

All of you dubstep junkies have heard of Pegboard Nerds by now. If you haven’t then you have been living in the woods with no electricity or telephone and you are probably wearing a plaid shirt, overalls and have an epic beard by now. Well if that is you, get to a computer and start listening to Pegboard Nerds. They are one of the few dubstep acts that are still relevant.



9. Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time)

We know that this song has been around for a few months but we consider it to be a hidden gem.  Not many people have heard of Pierce Fulton but hopefully after you hear "Kuala", you will remember who he is. This is just a great song to keep your energy up during your workout. It is as simple as that.



8. David Guetta ft. Sia – Bang My Head (GLOWINTHEDARK Remix)

While we aren’t too much of a fan of the original, it was really hard to decide which remix we liked better between GLOWINTHEDARK and JP Candela. After an intense Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, we went with GLOWINTHEDARK’s remix of Bang My Head. Sia brings some beautiful and inspiring vocals that mesh perfectly with the classic house piano melody in the main chorus. The song turns really fast from Sia’s graceful vocals to an insane bass drop that will instantly get your head bobbing and fist pumping. This track is a must have on your workout playlist.



7. NF – Turn the Music Up

Can’t decide whether to listen to EDM or Hip-hop during your next workout? This is the song for you. NF gives us some aggressive lyrics over a driving EDM beat that will make you want to stop what your doing and go workout. This is song will definitely help you to turn your workout up!

Please Note: The sample below has been slowed down from the original (don't ask us why). You can find the original here:


6. Swanky Tunes ft. Christian Burns – Skin & Bones

There is so much to like about this song. Christian Burns nails the vocals and the chorus does a great job of leading into the high-energy drop. Great for a festival anthem and just as good for a sweaty gym session, go pick up this workout anthem.



5. Aylen – Wawabongo

We are naming this as the “sleeper” workout song of the month. We don’t think that this will be on most people’s workout playlists but we absolutely love the heavy drums and bass that are featured in Wawabongo. This one might not be for you but give it a listen, as you can tell we love it. Actually, don't just listen to it because it is available for FREE DOWNLOAD through Soundcloud! Yay!



4. Lenka – Blue Skies (Revoke Remix)

Big thanks to Martial Arts World Champion Tyler Weaver for introducing us to this song. Blue Skies features some of our favorite vocals of the top ten list with a great melody that is both dramatic and full of energy. If you don’t believe us, there is a YouTube user that likes this song so much that he made an hour-long version of it. We appreciate his love for Blue Skies but we will stick with this great sounding three and a half minute version. Free download available through Soundcloud.



3. Dzeko & Torres ft. Delaney Jane – L’amour Toujours (Tiesto Edit)

L’amour Toujours may sound like a familiar song to you millennials out there. That’s because it is a cover of the late 90’s club hit, Gigi D’Agostino’s L’amour Toujours. It has super catchy vocals is full of high energy EDM goodness. After a few listens you will be singing out loud during your workout. Who cares if everyone in the gym is starting at you? Just keep rocking out to this fun track.



2. NF – Motivated

What can we say? We are big fans of NF’s new album. In “Motivated”, NF has given us a chorus that can’t help but to inspire you to get things done. We love the “angry-rap” style that he spits, similar to the likes of Eminem. We wouldn’t be surprised if this song becomes a mainstay in sport arenas. Whether it is hitting heavy bags, lifting, or conditioning, this song should be on the playlist that helps you to get to the next level in your training.


1. Flux Pavilion – Emotional

“Emotional” is the perfect workout starter. The slow build-up and strong payoff makes this a perfect song to get help you warm-up and get focused. Flux Pavilion gives us some great futuristic synths behind Matthew Koma’s strong vocals. Flux Pavilion + Matthew Koma = Our number 1 workout song of November 2015.

Honorable Mention: Martin Garrix – Poison, The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Malaa Remix), Carnage – November Skies

Thanks for taking a look at our list of top 10 workout songs. We hope that we have given you some new ear-fuel to help you take your training to the next level.  Come back December 1st for our next list!

Did we miss your favorite workout song? Do you have a suggestion for next month’s Top 10? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think.