Top 5 Songs for Musical Forms: November 2015

Starting to think about next year’s tournaments already? Don’t waste time searching through iTunes and YouTube for the perfect song because we did if for you. Here is our top  5 picks.


5.     Pegboard Nerds – End is Near

First off, before all of the comments come flying in, YES we know that this song is on our “Top 10 Workout Songs List” as well. Here’s why. It is very rare to find a good dubstep song nowadays. Pegboard nerds has managed to stay relevant and fresh in the dubstep scene. Plus, this drop seems like it was made for a musical form.

4.     Aero Chord – Titans

A dramatic intro, sick build-up, and a fast driving drop melody make this a must have for martial arts competitors. Aero Chord continues to make hit after hit and a majority of them make great options for musical forms. Check out some of his other stuff at


3.     Travis Scott – Antidote (A-Rock Remix)


This one is a no-brainer for us.  While we understand that dubstep is on its way out, this song give us a fast tempo hybrid/trap feel that will allow you to throw some solid hand techniques and great trick combos to a great background beat. Lastly, we must point out the“at the night show” line that is throughout the song. How has this not been used for a nighttime finals show yet? Cmon guys, get on this before someone else takes it. (Worried about the lyrics? Remember, we can take care of any editing for you and turn this into a sick remix that is free of cursing. Email us -


2.     Aero Chord – Ctrl + Alt + Destruction

We can see it already, fast flying hands or weapons going H.A.M to this crazy trap beat.  Even the main melody before the drop is super up-tempo. This is sure to give your form the high-energy feel that it needs. Time to Ctrl+Alt+Destroy the competition!


1.     Troyboi – Afterhours (Maliboux & Blvk Sheep Remix)

This is our hands down favorite by far! Let’s see what qualifies this as the top song for a musical form. The drum beat under the vocals is perfect to get the crowd clapping while you are walking into the ring and this song has an amazing build-up that leads to a drop of epic proportions. Whoever uses this song is going to be remembered!


Have any songs that you think should make the top 5 list? Comment below or email them to and we will give you a shout out in next month’s post if your song is chosen.

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